Going Vegan for Allergies

I feel as if I should cry out for help. I am pretty much a vegetarian, I will occasionally eat chicken and salmon, but other than that, I stick to my veggies, grains, cheeses, and yogurt.

My baby girl had her 15 month doctors appointment today, and in it we discussed her long list of allergies. Here are her “major” allergies/sensitivities:

– Chashews
– Peanuts
– Sesame Seeds
– Milk
– Soy
– Egg Whites
– Coconut, Almonds…pretty much any nut except pecans (?!?)

With that being said, the pediatrician – I adore her! She is on board with how we eat and uses medicine as a last resort instead of always having a prescription pad in hand! – Told me that I need to go as vegan as possible and as organic as possible.

Okay, not a horribly big deal. Until I realized just how much I cook with cheese and Greek yogurt!!! I have a few 100% vegan meals, but I love to bake and cook!  Living without yogurt is okay, I can deal with that and find substitutions (if anyone has an idea for a vegan substitute, I am all ears) but it is really the cheese I am having issues with. Just last night I posted a recipe for Loaded Southwestern Vegetarian Quesadilla, how do you make a quesadilla without cheese? the first part of the word is practically queso!

So hear is my cry for help. I know it is possible to go vegan successfully. I have friends who have done it, but then they usually add back dairy products because they missed them. But I need to do it as a lifestyle change for good. I think it will help future children of mine too if I can cut down on exposing them to all of those sensitive foods.

If anyone has helpful suggestions, I would really appreciate them!