Think About It

Hey readers this is Andrew the Hubs. Like this blog’s name I think about my life’s experience and how I can bestow the lessons I’ve learned to help those who want it. I’ve known Katie for four years now and we both have grown as people and as a couple. One of the first things that I’ve learned recently is that I’m not afraid of change as I used to be. I’ve had a lot of change in my life. I’ve transferred colleges, lived in four time zones, had eight different addresses in the last seven years, and most important become a husband and father. To think I was in high school just five years ago just doesn’t seem real. Through all that change I’ve learned that life is all about how we deal with change. I could have been a very bitter lonely person if I chose not to embrace change and be comfortable with where I was and more importantly who I was. When I left Lipscomb University to attend the University of Tennessee I felt I needed a change. I liked Lipscomb but ended up loving Tennessee. The first night I spent in my dorm I knew no one in the whole city of Knoxville but I was happy to be there because I knew I would have the chance to make friends and learn to live on my own. I moved my family to a state I had hardly been to because I felt that it would be best for my career and our family. If you feel unhappy or under achieving give yourself a chance to be happy and make a change. At the very least you can know for sure that you did what you could to make you and your family happy. Change jobs, ask out the girl, stop falling deeper and debt, and yes maybe change churches. Life is too short to stop trying and to settle for less than you know you can have. At least give yourself the chance and think about a change.